Gojek is a bike ride service just like GRAB and Uber but it’s using a bike instead. With this mod, it adds Gojek job mission as a playable missions.

Gojek is originally started in Indonesia and will be starting in other SEA countries soon. Having Trevor, Michael and Franklin able to do Gojek mission is quite fun in itself.

Creator LCBuffalo & momobimo

This mod is actually based on the taxi mod, LCBuffalo & momobimo edited it so it can be used with bike.

The bikes that can be used with this mod is ¬†Akuma, Enduro, or Faggio . If you can’t or find it hard to get those bike just use a trainer or Vehicle spawning mods.

YouTube video

To start the mission, get on the bike and press “N“. Your customer will then blips on your map in green.

Once you arrived at your customer place, horn your bike and they will ride on with you.

The faster you arrived to your destination, the more tips you get.


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