Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support for GTA V which enables you to use Steering wheel such as logitech g29 or thrustmaster t300 with your GTA V.

Support for this game included full force feedback , multiple input devices and customization setting for your wheel. Watch preview video for more information

YouTube video

However you may only use this mod with GTA V v1.0.877.1 to 1.0.1604.0 .

Put Gears.asi and the folder ManualTransmission in your GTA V folder (overwrite when asked)

Put Gears.asi in your GTA V folder. You can keep old settings, new options are added automatically when needed.

Wheel installation
Use the in-game menu! Be sure to assign all axes and buttons you intend to use.

Open menu:
[{ on US layout
Enter the “mtmenu” cheat
Press RB + B on your controller

Script Hook V


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