This mod detects any police in your surrounding area and when you’re being chased by them.

Once they started chasing you and you kill all of them, this mod will make it that your wanted level gone.

Which mean kill all the police until a certain number is reached and problem solves. You can roam around again

Also, It notifies the number of deaths and the scoring with won and lost battles at the end of the confrontation.

There’s also a reward system where you’ll get $100 for each cop removed with a penalty of $100 for each civil eliminated.

Configuration options:
– Keys (keys off by default).
Default keys:
F8 activate/deactivate mod (active by default).
Num3 Switch notifications on/off.
– Notifications (on by default).
– Radius of the cops search area (150 by default).
– Enemy kills goal (15 by default).
– Custom mode (off by default).
– Cop wave settings (by default: first wave 6, second wave 9, third wave 12).

Copy PoliceKiller.dll and PoliceKiller.ini to \Grand Theft Auto V\scripts


.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64)
Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET

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