There are 40s characters in Jump Force video game not including dlcs and here’s a short guide on how to unlock characters in Jump Force – All 40s of them.

When you first starts the game, watch all the cut scenes and until you get to the character making scene.

After that do the short tutorial which will guide you on how to play Jump Force. After you’ve done the tutorial you will be spawn at the main hub.

Here in the main hub you must find 3 team leader which is Goku, Luffy and Naruto.

  • Go to the middle tunnel “A” to find Goku.
  • Go to the “B” tunnel (blue) to find Luffy
  • Go to the “R” tunnel (green) to find Naruto

After talking to all 3 of the team leader you must find Director Glover on the fourth tunnel and do a simple fight tutorial.

Now all 40s Jump Force character has been unlocked and ready for gameplay!!!

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