This mod will add option to make Trevor looked like Joker from the Batman series.


1. Go into GTA V in OpenIV.
2. navigate to x64v.rpf/models/cdimages/streamedpeds_players.rpf/player_two. and make sure Edit Mode
is activated.
3. Then find Hair_diff_004_b_uni.ytd , head_diff_000_a_whi.ytd , lowr_diff_024_a_uni.ytd and uppr_diff_031_a_uni_ytd.
4. Make a backup copy (Extract it).
5. Replace it!.



1. Play as Trevor.
2. Go to your nearest barbershop, change your haircut to grown out.
3. Go to a High-End Clothes Store, at the right side of the shop buy the Tuxedo.
4. Enjoy!


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