So this is kurosaki ichigo character mod which you can add in your Jump Force game. Kurosaki Ichigo is the main character of Bleach’s anime.


Here’s the info from the creator

Another Ichigo mod. Changing his base form into bankai, and his awakening to ‘custom’ Final Getsuga Tenshou.

Base form uses pants from the game, and the coat from Soul Ressurection game. Coat has no physics.

Awakening uses CaC Final Getsuga Tenshou adjusted, and cutted parts ‘too hard to make’ on the left arm.

He uses Tensa Zangetsu, his bankai katana, and for a awakening Zangetsu, because why not.

Oh, and he has his hollow marks on the face after awakening, I realised that after he was done, and decided to keep it.


Unpack into mod directory


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