This mod adds your own Fight Club in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Remember the movie where Brad Pitt joining a fight club? Now you can create your own in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The mods trainer functions allow you to spawn ai to fight you, by ai it means any characters available in the game.

Also allows you to pick fight with any human ai in the game.


Press F1 in game to open menu.

Install by Extracting files in RDR2 folder game

Features :

  • Ability to spawn any character in the game and for them to fight you.
  • A never wanted option so your Fight Club wont get interrupted.
  • Ability to add Honor to your character, so when you fight you can add the honor back ( It is advised to back up save if you dont want to lose honor ).
  • Option to teleport to you marker, so then you can have your Fight Club anywhere you want.
  • Ability to fast heal, after each fight.
  • Ability for unlimited stamina.

Requirement :


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