Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis mod allows you to use Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis in Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay.

Do you like supernatural? Wants to use supernatural skills in the wild wild west? Now’s your chance.

With this mod it allows you to move things from a distance, attack distant enemies with telekinetic pins or create fire explosions.

How to use the powers
Telekinesis: If you are pointing a gun,  just aim at your target and press Q to start telekinesis. If you are not pointing a gun,  you need to hold Q for a while untill a small blue box appear on the center of your screen, use it to choose your target, release Q to start telekinesis. During telekinesis, press Q again to stop telekinesis.

Control of telekinesis: Move mouse (camera) to move the target left, right, up and down. Hold number 1 (D1) to push the target away from the player or hold number 2 (D2) to pull the target towards the player. Press number 3 (D3) to throw the target away and stop telekinesis. Press number 4 (D4) to explode the target and stop telekinesis. 

Telekinetic Pins: When you are not telekinesising, hold number 1 (D1) to shoot continuous telekinetic pins. Press number 2 (D2) to shoot a single telekinetic pin.

Pyrokinesis: When you are not telekinesising, press number 3 (D3) to create a small fire explosion. Press number 4 (D4) to create a big fire explosion.

Put the “HCL_Superpower_03.cs” into the /scripts/ folder in the RDR2 installed folder (if you have successfully installed the “Community ScripthookRDR2.NET” you should have this folder, if not, you can create one.).


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