A set of scopes: sniper, arcade, mixing Combo for,

which the author did at the beginning of his modding career. I liked them very much. You can even say that they look better than the current scopes from Jimbo.

 They are comfortable, there is everything you need and there is nothing superfluous. In the new adaptation, the sights have undergone a very serious redesign. 

Creator J1mB0 \ Andre_V

The mixing with penetration markers has been improved, and the armor penetration of your projectile has been added to the scopes.

From modern Jimbo scopes , they differ in clearly defined lines, their small thickness and outline, thanks to which they are visible on all maps.

 Also in the sniper scope, instead of side indicators for reloading about the amount of durability, numbers are used, which makes it less loaded. 

With this mod you can choose which color of scopes you want.


Extract files. There will be option of color. Pick the color you want

Inside color folder there are Russian and English version. Copy the content of Mods inside the English folder and paste it inside world of tanks / res_mods folder.


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