This super scopes MeltyMap can calculate the thickness of the armor and the angle of entry of the projectile.

 In addition, the scopes are minimalistic and very effective in combat, they do not distract the shooter from aiming the gun at the target penetration zone.

 This is achieved due to the fact that the scope has a blue palette and thin lines, which makes it unobtrusive.

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 It is suitable for those who like a minimum of distractions and strict brevity.  

The feature of the MeltyMap sight is advanced information with indication of armor penetration and the angle of entry of the projectile into the tank, using this information wisely, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of ricochets and non-penetration.

 In addition, the sight has beautiful animation and displays the reload time of the target in the sight. In the art mode, the projectile flight time is displayed, as well as various sensors with indication of inclination angles.

In terms of their functionality, they are identical, they differ only in color. The green option will be preferred on winter maps. So that you do not have to look for additional mods for scopes, we have added a zoom mod for a scope with x30 and x16 magnifications to the archive.


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